Hold Landlords Accountable

As a member of the Fraudulent Housing Occupancy Task Force, I have personally responded to calls about suspected illegal renting, and, as Deputy County Clerk of Mercer County, issued deeds to thousands of homeowners and directed residents toward the free Property Alert Service that began in 2016 and notifies homeowners by email whenever a document is recorded on their address, to detect forgeries. As Mayor I will work hand in hand with the Mayors of Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Ewing, Princeton and other proactive towns seeking to prevent housing fraud to conduct more frequent and thorough investigations into ownership of properties. When properties are rented illegally, the residents are denied communication with City Health Officials who are here to protect them.

Landlords have got to keep properties clean, and treat the people they rent to with respect. People who rent should be treated with dignity. Landlords but must be held accountable, follow the rules, and be in compliance with all city ordinances that keep properties safe, clean, and provide residents with the services they need and deserve.

To landlords, I will say this:

You may not live here, but you will be held accountable for keeping your grass cut, hedges clipped, trees trimmed and trash collected on time. We are going to enforce local ordinances to protect renters.