Walker Worthy, Jr. Issues Statement Regarding Trump Administration’s Proposed Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

TRENTON, NJ -- Today, Trenton mayoral candidate Walker Worthy, Jr. issued the following statement:

"I am proud to stand with the United States Conference of Mayors, over 15 states, the District of Columbia and several large cities in opposing any citizenship question being asked on the 2020 U.S. census. Federal dollars are returned to cities based on their population needs, and to only count citizens in the next census will shortchange diverse places like Trenton much needed funding for highway and construction projects, medicaid, and various grant opportunities that we need to help our city rise. Trenton is proud to be a home for immigrants from East Asian, South Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and all of Africa, and as Mayor, I will instruct city employees to help this population apply for citizenship, but I will not punish existing residents. This census initiative is just the latest in a series of blatantly racist legislation by President Trump, and I intend to keep fighting against it."

Trenton Professional Old Timers Association Endorses Walker Worthy, Jr. for Mayor in Tuesday’s Election

TRENTON, NJ -- Walker Worthy, Jr. continues to garner support from community groups and leaders in Trenton. The latest endorsement came from the Old Timers Association of Trenton, also known as the Liberians, because the vast majority of their members are from Liberia, or first generation Liberian-Americans. The endorsement was delivered at the Worthy campaign headquarters at 12 South Warren St. on Wednesday afternoon.

“We need a mayor who will hit the ground running, who is knowledgeable about the issues affecting the livelihood of Trentonians. We are talking about a safe community, we are talking about competitive schools, we are talking about competitive jobs, we are talking about medical care and collaboration with law enforcement and the community at large. Members of this organization felt that we need a Mayor strong enough, knowledgeable enough, and ready to hit the ground running, and that is none other than our incoming mayor, Mr. Walker Worthy,” said Association President Hector Weah. “I encourage everyone to go out and vote ballot position #2 on May 8th.”

The Old Timers Association of Trenton has over 300 members, who frequently participate in community cleanups and literacy initiatives. The association has been active in Trenton for over 20 years. The association also has a club soccer team which competes in tournaments in the area and teaches soccer classes to the community.

For more information about Walker Worthy, Jr.’s vision for a better Trenton, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or call his campaign office at (609) 599-1637.



Worthy Endorsed by Former Trenton Mayoral Candidate John Harmon

TRENTON, NJ — Mayoral candidate Walker Worthy Jr. received an endorsement from John E. Harmon Sr., a former Trenton mayoral candidate on Tuesday.  

“Walker has proven administrative and management skills, as demonstrated in his capacity as Mercer County Deputy Clerk for 11 years,” said Harmon. “I believe Walker has the attitude to identify and assemble the best talent in his administration to lead Trenton forward.”

Harmon’s endorsement comes a day after Worthy received the endorsement of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters. He has also received the endorsement of County Executive Brian Hughes, Former Mercer County Executive Bob Prunetti, Sheriff Jack Kemler, Freeholders Anthony Verrelli, Ann Cannon and Pat Colavita Jr., Former Freeholder Keith Hamilton, County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello, Former Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer, and Former Councilman Manny Segura.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement from Mr. Harmon, who has fought for years to help African American business owners. For Trenton to thrive, we need our elected officials working side by side with smart business people who are passionate about empowering the people in their community,” said Worthy. “I appreciate the support of a person who is entrenched in the community and deeply loves Trenton.”

Worthy to Open Office of Latino & Hispanic Affairs in City Hall

TRENTON, NJ — Mayoral candidate Walker Worthy Jr., announced his plans on Tuesday to open an Office of Latino & Hispanic Affairs inside City Hall.

“The Hispanic community as well other minority groups have been pushed to the back burner for far too long in local government,” Worthy said. “My administration will cultivate diversity and inclusion and open the city’s first Office of Latino & Hispanic Affairs to address their concerns.”

Worthy has received widespread support from the Hispanic community including endorsements from former Trenton City Councilman Manny Segura, the city’s first Hispanic elected official and the Latino Merchant Association of New Jersey.

Worthy’s plan came about after listening to Hispanic-owned businesses whose owners expressed frustrations about the lack of Hispanic representation in municipal government.

“The Hispanic business community is the steam engine of Trenton with over 800 businesses in the city,” Worthy said. “My administration will work diligently to make sure their concerns are being heard. Residents shouldn’t have to run a gauntlet to see the Mayor. I want to restore City Hall to be friendlier and constituent-driven. Residents should have the right to sit down and talk with their Mayor inside of the Mayor’s Office.”

In addition to Worthy’s Office of Latino & Hispanic Affairs, he also announced that he will hold an open-door policy for residents.  

For more information about Worthy’s vision for a better Trenton, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or his campaign headquarters, located at 12 South Warren St. in Trenton.



Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Endorses Walker Worthy, Jr. for Mayor

TRENTON, NJ -- Today, the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters publicly endorsed Walker Worthy, Jr. for Mayor. The ceremony was held at 1:00pm at the Worthy for Mayor campaign headquarters, 12 South Warren St. and featured remarks from Mercer County Freeholder and Carpenters Local 254 President Anthony Verrelli.

“We are pleased to endorse Walker Worthy’s election bid for Mayor of Trenton and will fully support his campaign through get out the vote efforts,” said Verrelli. “Walker Worthy believes in supporting strong workers’ rights and we look forward to working with him when he’s elected as the Mayor of Trenton.”

“As President of the Carpenters Local 254, and a Mercer County Freeholder, Mr. Verrelli is an expert on fair labor practices, and how to work with local government to get things done. Trenton is in desperate need of responsible redevelopment, and I am proud to join with the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters to make sure we get Trenton residents back to work, with the union representation they need to take care of themselves and their families,” said Worthy. “My administration will prioritize smart development projects that provide opportunities for trade workers to earn a living wage, and I would like to thank President Verrelli and the Northeast Regional of Carpenters for believing in my vision for a better Trenton, and lending their support to our campaign.”

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters represents nearly 40,000 hardworking men and women in New Jersey, Delaware and significant portions of New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It is one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast and equips professional workers with the skills, expertise and safety training that is demanded in today's construction industry.

For more information about Walker Worthy, Jr.’s vision for a better Trenton, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or his campaign headquarters, located at 12 South Warren St. in Trenton.


ELEC Reports Show Walker Worthy, Jr. Leads Mayoral Candidates in Fundraising to Date

TRENTON, NJ -- The New Jersey Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) has released fundraising reports through April 6th for Trenton Mayoral candidates who filed on time. According the these reports, Walker Worthy, Jr. has raised $43,000 through April 6th, leading all other candidates.

"Our grassroots fundraising effort has been very significant and, with the help of our generous supporters, we expect to have the financial resources we need to tell voters about our plan for Trenton's future in the crucial final weeks of the campaign," said Worthy. "I deeply appreciate the support we are receiving from residents, taxpayers, seniors and business owners who share my commitment to making our city safer and to attracting new business investment and jobs to our city."

The contributions to Worthy’s campaign demonstrate the widespread support he has among residents who care about Trenton’s future. For more information about Worthy’s vision for a better Trenton, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or his campaign headquarters, located at 12 South Warren St. in Trenton.


Worthy Endorsed by Former Mercer County Executive Robert Prunetti

TRENTON, NJ -- Today, mayoral candidate Walker Worthy, Jr. received a big endorsement from former Mercer County Executive Robert Prunetti. The announcement took place outside of Arm and Hammer Park, which Prunetti played a leading role in building and opening in 1994, during his first term in office. Introducing Prunetti was former Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer, who worked closely with Mercer County and specifically Prunetti, to make the park a reality.

"I'm pleased that my dear friend and colleague Bob Prunetti has thrown his support behind Walker Worthy, Jr. Certainly Bob knows what Trenton needs, since he was instrumental in bringing the Trenton Thunder to Arm and Hammer Park,” said Mayor Palmer. “A graduate of Trenton Central High School, Bob never forgot where he came from and worked very hard to make Trenton a better place. Bob endorsing Walker says a lot about Walker’s leadership, vision and ability to bring people together.”

Mayor Palmer broke boundaries in 1990 to become Trenton’s first African American mayor. During his five terms as Mayor, he improved city services and resources available to the city. He and County Executive Prunetti worked hand in hand to develop the Trenton Workforce Development Initiative Summer Youth Employment Program that began in 2016.

“I grew up in Trenton, and I want people today to have the same opportunities available to Trentonians when I was growing up. We need to make sure this is Trenton’s turn, and we need leadership to make that happen,” said County Executive Prunetti. “Just as Mayor Palmer restored people's faith in Trenton’s ability to be a driving economic force in New Jersey, Walker, too, will fight for Trenton’s future. I know he will reach out to Democrats, Republicans, whatever it takes to bring Trenton back to economic prosperity.”

“I am proud to accept the endorsement of County Executive Prunetti, as well as Mayor Palmer, who demonstrated the importance of collaboration and shared services in uplifting the city of Trenton and all of Mercer County, together,” said Worthy. “It takes teamwork to make a city operate, and your ability to work together for the common good serves as a great example of how responsible partnerships and shared services can uplift our city. If elected to serve as Mayor, I will prioritize shared service agreements with the State, County, and nearby municipalities, that save Trenton taxpayers dollars, and provide better services for the people of this great city.”

For more information about Worthy's vision for Trenton and video of today's event, visit worthyformayor.com or his campaign headquarters at 12 South Warren St., Trenton 08608.


Worthy Campaign Headquarters Burglarized After Hours Three Separate Times; Candidate Won’t Be Deterred

TRENTON, NJ -- The campaign headquarters of Mayoral Candidate Walker Worthy, Jr. has been burglarized three times in recent weeks. The incidents took place the night of March 29, Easter Weekend and April 5. The campaign has filed police reports, and is the process of purchasing surveillance cameras.

After the first incident, the campaign requested a greater police presence in the area. Campaign workers and dedicated volunteers are usually in the office, located at 12 South Warren St., during regular business seven days per week. During the three burglaries, a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer were stolen. Each time the burglar or burglars broke in, he or they opened and left the office refrigerator and freezer doors open.

"When the perpetrator walks right by thousands of dollars worth of tools on the building’s upper floors on several occasions to get to the campaign office to steal a keyboard, printer, monitor and disposable cell phones, I am left wondering what this suspect's true motivation is, other than to disrupt or intimidate me and my supporters. But I won’t be deterred by this," said Worthy. “I will continue to run for Mayor on the platform of improving public safety through community policing, hiring grant writers to generate greater funding for every city department, and redeveloping blighted vacant properties throughout Trenton. This experience of being burglarized only makes me more sensitive to the concerns of our small business community in Downtown Trenton, who need to feel safe, and feel that their businesses are being protected.”

Worthy was out in the community when each of these incidents happened. When Trenton Police complete their investigation of the break-ins, Worthy intends to share the information publicly. For more information about Worthy and his campaign, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or his Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WorthyforMayor/.



Worthy Issues Statement on Fraudulent Housing Occupancy Task Force Arrests

TRENTON, NJ -- Today, Walker Worthy, Jr. issued the following statement:

“As a member of the Fraudulent Housing Occupancy Task Force, I have personally responded to many calls about suspected illegal renting, and, as Deputy County Clerk of Mercer County, issued deeds to thousands of homeowners and directed residents toward the free Property Alert Service that began in 2016 and notifies homeowners by email whenever a document is recorded on their address, to detect forgeries. I have been concerned with and saddened by the volume of fraudulent renting happening in our city, and am so proud of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Departments of Trenton, Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Ewing and Princeton for coming together to do something about this. I want to commend their work, and the work of my peers on the Fraudulent Housing Occupancy Task Force that led to a dozen arrests on Friday.

If elected to serve as Mayor, I will work with experts throughout New Jersey to craft a plan to redevelop vacant or foreclosed properties in ways that benefit the hardworking people of Trenton, not predatory scammers. While these illegal rackets are most prominent in Trenton, they also are happening in Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Ewing and Princeton, and as Mayor I will work hand in hand with the respective Mayors of these towns to conduct more frequent and thorough investigations into ownership of properties. Responsible shared service agreements can save taxpayers money while protecting homeowners, and, if elected to serve, I will prioritize entering into more responsible shared services that benefit Trenton families.”


Worthy Lays out Plan to Create Community Resource Centers in Existing School Libraries

TRENTON, NJ -- Trenton Mayoral candidate Walker Worthy, Jr. has proposed opening adult and children community resource centers in each ward of Trenton. The centers would all be located in the libraries of one school in each city ward, and would extend the Monday to Friday hours into the evening, to allow parents and children to consult with constituent services workers and educators about academic and social concerns. Worthy wants to dedicate these public spaces to serve as resources for residents looking to better themselves through education, recreation and counseling.

“We need to invest in the people of Trenton. To me, that means prioritizing mental health awareness, and empowering people who are already active in the community to organize their own programs in a safe, shared space. I want to earmark city funding to keeping these buildings open seven days a week, and have city employees available for residents who want to get useful documents like passports, drivers’ licenses, and even study materials to take their GED,” said Worthy. “Community centers need to serve the children and adults who come there, and I want children to have spaces besides after-care to get good books to read, safe places to play. I envision a community center in each of the four wards of Trenton where residents can help find little league and recreation programs to enroll their children in, and a directory where they or their children can take English as a second language programs in their neighborhood.”

Trenton City Hall currently only employs two part-time grant writers. Worthy has outlined his plan to hire full-time grant writers, who would each be responsible for obtaining federal and state funding for several departments including parks and recreation, homelessness prevention, and education and community centers. Trenton's public libraries have been closed or seen their hours heavily reduced in recent years, reducing access to educational resources like English as a Second Language materials and resources for coping with depression or substance abuse crucial to people of all ages. After-school academic programs throughout the school district have also been decimated in recent years.

Worthy, a former educator at Hedgepeth-Williams Middle School and Joyce Kilmer School, has noted the recent decrease in support staff in Trenton, which prevents teachers from catering to the individual needs of each students. His proposal to open more community centers is based on the recommendation of school administrators he has worked with. The proposal would dedicate one city constituent services representative to each school for the after-school shift. These representatives could either work exclusively at the school as part-time city employees, or also work at City Hall during the day and be considered full-time employees, depending on what the city budget -- augmented by increased funding -- allowed.

“I commend Walker Worthy, Jr. for his plan to rejuvenate the community by offering critical services to parents as well as children. The learning process doesn’t just start when children get to school, and it doesn’t end when they get home from school. Parents play a huge role in children’s ability to learn. Many parents don’t access to resources like technology and reliable internet with which to help their children develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills outside of the classroom,” said Channing Conway, Principal of Mott Elementary School. “Walker’s proposal to add community parenting centers in every ward of the city is a surefire way to engage parents in their children’s academic journey, and provide parents resources to help themselves overcome challenges in their lives.”