Trenton Professional Old Timers Association Endorses Walker Worthy, Jr. for Mayor in Tuesday’s Election

TRENTON, NJ -- Walker Worthy, Jr. continues to garner support from community groups and leaders in Trenton. The latest endorsement came from the Old Timers Association of Trenton, also known as the Liberians, because the vast majority of their members are from Liberia, or first generation Liberian-Americans. The endorsement was delivered at the Worthy campaign headquarters at 12 South Warren St. on Wednesday afternoon.

“We need a mayor who will hit the ground running, who is knowledgeable about the issues affecting the livelihood of Trentonians. We are talking about a safe community, we are talking about competitive schools, we are talking about competitive jobs, we are talking about medical care and collaboration with law enforcement and the community at large. Members of this organization felt that we need a Mayor strong enough, knowledgeable enough, and ready to hit the ground running, and that is none other than our incoming mayor, Mr. Walker Worthy,” said Association President Hector Weah. “I encourage everyone to go out and vote ballot position #2 on May 8th.”

The Old Timers Association of Trenton has over 300 members, who frequently participate in community cleanups and literacy initiatives. The association has been active in Trenton for over 20 years. The association also has a club soccer team which competes in tournaments in the area and teaches soccer classes to the community.

For more information about Walker Worthy, Jr.’s vision for a better Trenton, please visit or call his campaign office at (609) 599-1637.