Worthy For Mayor Opens Campaign Office Downtown

TRENTON, NJ -- Thursday night, over 200 people joined mayoral Candidate Walker M. Worthy, Jr. at the opening of his campaign headquarters at 12 S. Warren St, Trenton, NJ 08608. The headquarters will serve as a meeting location for constituents to come speak directly with Worthy, his campaign staff, and volunteers to discuss issues facing the city of Trenton.

“I want to have as much direct contact with the people of Trenton as possible, because the only opinions that matter in regards to the direction of our city are those of the residents. Our city is facing many pressing issues such as potholes, rising taxes, crime, and struggling public schools, and I’m running for Mayor to bring new leadership to Trenton to solve these problems,” said Worthy. “When I’m not out knocking on doors, I will be in the campaign office, and I encourage residents to stop by and be a part of the discussion, whether they are regular voters, first time voters, or unregistered.”

Worthy ran for Mayor in 2014, finishing in third place. He has knocked on hundreds of doors since then, speaking to residents throughout the whole city. When he announced his second Mayoral bid last month, he was joined by dozens of residents, friends, family, and certain Church communities. He is a member of the New Jersey NAACP, Shiloh Baptist Church, and Trenton Public Education Foundation.

Worthy has held various positions at the State and County level, and has lived in the greater Trenton area his entire life. Worthy was appointed Deputy Clerk of Mercer County in 2006. The Worthy for Mayor Campaign Office will be open most days from 10:00am to 6:00pm. For more information on Worthy and the campaign, please visit www.worthyformayor.com or call the campaign office at 609-394-6582.


Worthy Issues Statement in Response to False Online Slander

TRENTON, NJ -- Today, mayoral candidate Walker Worthy, Jr. issued the following statement:

"This politically motivated slander posted by the 'Stay Informed Trenton, NJ' Facebook group is not only absolutely false, it is also extremely offensive and it is especially disgusting that during this holy week that should be spent with family and in worship, this vile filth is instead being circulated in our city. The ‘financial judgements against Walker Worthy’ that this reprehensible post attributes to me is absolutely false not only in its dollar sum, but more importantly, the debt holder.

To be explicitly clear: I have no credit card debt and no tax debt. My father, Walker Worthy Sr., is a hero to me, a civil rights activist who grew up in the Jim Crow South, and a great family man. In his later years he became very ill, was taken advantage of by a car salesman, and fell behind on his bills. The debts that this reprehensible post attributes to me are my father’s debts. He lived the first 70 plus years of his life well within his means, but his illness and mounting medical bills put him in a financial predicament that millions of others have experienced due to the failings of our healthcare system.

My family and I have helped my father, Walker, Sr. with his financial struggles caused by age and illness, and we will continue to, because that’s what family does. My father is not running for Mayor, I am.

The assertion that I was fired from ‘a previous job when HUD found something bad’ is a completely ridiculous claim with no substance, since I have never been fired from any job and have never had any workplace allegations from HUD or any other organization. Also ridiculous is the claim that I am a ‘mud-slinger.’ I have talked about serious issues during my campaign, and will not be deterred from doing so because my political opponents have colluded with a Facebook group to spread lies.

Trenton needs a new leader who will unite our community, not tear it down and divide people like this Facebook post seeks to do. I’m running for Mayor to do that and I will not be deterred by anything, especially not attacks on my family.”